/strʌt/: meaning ‘to walk with a proud swagger that has a little arrogance’

You can’t strut and be shy about it, you know people are watching you.
The big boss in a gangster film, a model on the runway, and the rap artist whose album has just gone platinum – they all know how to strut.

high heels

Which problem hits home for you?


You’re evolving as a company and you need a fresh brand identity to represent this awesome evolution…or revolution…


Your brand just doesn’t represent the cool stuff about you. And it’s holding your business back.


You’re a new company or start-up needing a brave brand identity to take you to market.


You’re an established business introducing a new product or service that needs its own strong identity. 


You need a serious ‘retrofit’ on your existing brand, to modernise and re-inspire your team and your customers. 

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How we can help

Bland, boring, and batshit-confusing are what we’ll save you from.

We’ll help you get inside the minds of your market (if required), to validate or discover what they want and need.

We’ll then create a strong brand identity with a full ‘toolkit’ to roll out your beautiful brand and develop a robust marketing strategy.


The best way to describe our approach to business is ‘love children of art and science’…Drawing from over 16 years developing brands and marketing strategies across a variety of industries – travel, sales, financial services, sports and more, success is a brand you can be proud of and one that supports the growth of your business.

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Brands with Swagger

Stop making assumptions around a boardroom table to inform your brand strategy. Get inside the minds of your market and ask the right questions to build a brand that resonates.

Only then can you create a brand that visually and verbally puts your absolute best foot forward into market.

& Insight gathering – customer interviews & discussions
& Visual identity creation (logo / palette / images / guidance)
& Verbal identity creation (elevator pitch & story / USP messages / brand personality)

Brands with Swagger packages start from $15,000 + GST

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Lift Your Marketing Game

Struggling with marketing strategy? Is your marketing coordinator unsure what’ll work best? Or do you just need an injection of strategic advice and support? Allow us to Lift Your Game. 

Lift Your Game support packages start from $5,000 per month + GST. This gives you 4 x strategy and support sessions and adhoc access to a strategy expert. Or, we’ll design a pack that works for you.  

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So you’ve got it pretty sorted with your brand and marketing strategy, but then comes along that squeaky wheel…new challenge or big opportunity…

You just need some fresh thinking, someone to challenge you, someone to make “art” out of your problems and recommend solutions that get you excited right? 

Let’s go. 

Half day workshop $1800 + GST

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Don't take my word for it...

Gemma will work with you to truly understand who you are and create a compelling story that clearly articulates the Why YOU message. She has a great grasp of the technology required to bring it to life and will work with your people ensuring they have a voice in the process. Gemma has a great understanding of the convergence of sales and marketing into 1 function, but will keep you focussed on ensuring the brand message is relevant and delivering plenty of leads for the team.

Gemma is just one of life's great people, I love working with her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Struan AbernethyChief Executive Officer - ReachMedia

As a new business owner, I engaged Gemma to help me articulate the voice of my business. Gemma’s questions and suggestions backed by her strong advice and guidance have been invaluable. Gemma has not only given me clear tactical direction to use for my brand in the short term, but also a very clear (and very exciting!) strategic roadmap to grow my brand over the longer term. I have gained huge value from Gemma’s advice and now consider her one of my key strategic business advisors.

Lisa ErsonOwner at The School Uniform Company

We recently engaged with Gemma to facilitate a Brand Architecture strategy session which went extremely well due to Gemma's commitment to truly understand who we are as a business, her honesty and insight to challenge our thinking and the status quo. I really enjoyed her pragmatic approach and her ability to cut through the crap and get to the essence of what was really important, which was refreshing. I would highly recommend Gemma to assist any business looking to get clarity on their Marketing/Brand strategy.

Matt CutlerCEO Active Safety NZ Ltd

A natural marketer, Gemma's clarity, ability to articulate and inspire all those around her, and strategic thinking have resulted in a brand operating in a notoriously 'bland-brand' environment dramatically come to life. Highly recommended.

Susan BowdenJournalist and Communications Specialist

Gemma is an incredibly strategic marketer and has a great ability to clearly differentiate a product or service from a customer’s perspective and refine the execution plan to deliver results. Gemma is a senior marketer with great listening and collaboration skills and expertise in digital and social marketing.

Ryan KoppensHead of Adviser Networks – Southern Cross

Gemma is our part-time marketing leader at Indicator with a strong focus on strategy and coaching of our marketing executive.
We’ve made good progress in telling our story and engaging customers and potential customers.
Gemma enables us to realise that we have a journey to go on and creates excitement and clarity about that journey.

Getting regular input from a senior marketer has been very valuable for our business.

Mike StokesCEO Indicator

Why work with us?

This is a mild chest-beat, but it’s also accurate and necessary. Here are a few reasons why you should work with Strut & Swagger:

(Caution…we’re pretty strict on a successful relationship being a two-way street. So we’ll grill you (in a friendly kinda way) to check the fit and make sure we’ve got the best chance of creating something fabulous together.)

We’ll never stop challenging you to grow, be braver, or deliver better experiences for your customers. We can be as curious and argumentative as we need to be to get you discovering gold. 
We’re beasts of art and commercial talents, and we’ll show up for your business wearing both hats every time meaning you get strategy with brains and beauty… a coveted thing.
We make the complex simple. People that work with Strut & Swagger often think they have difficult issues. Sometimes they do, but we pride ourselves on being the way-pavers through any choppy, white-capped ocean. Climb aboard and let’s sail….
We don’t believe in being too professional. You’ll never get stuffy, unauthentic or boring with us. Some days you’ll get rolling stones and other days stilettos. We want you and your team to have fun and be inspired.


We can’t wait to discuss your next bold move into branding heaven. The coffee is on us and so will be the curiosity. Brand, marketing, problem-solving – let’s caffeinate and connect.

Here are your options: