What’s the story…

The best way to describe our approach to business is ‘love children of art and science’…Drawing from over 16 years developing brands and marketing strategies across a variety of industries – travel, sales, financial services, sports and more, success is a brand you can be proud of and one that supports the growth of your business.

Founder of Strut & Swagger Marketing – Gemma Ede is a fan of the “dichotomy” and the killer combo that lies in combining artistic and commercial skills.

In complement to her marketing approach, Gemma’s side-hustle lies in the creation of bold graffiti-style artwork under the sister brand – Strut & Swagger Art Statements:  www.strutandswagger.com

Gemma fosters a super straight-up approach to consulting which extends to her wider team, meaning relationships are effectively challenging, enjoyable and practical. It’s about seeing the big picture and not just the marketing piece – creating strategies for brands that give you clearer focus, defined purpose and increased business confidence.

Being a strong advocate for the ‘take no prisoner’s’ approaches of Mark Ritson and Seth Godin, the Strut & Swagger team are big on storytelling and contributing to building better stuff in NZ – not just putting lipstick on pigs…

Working with us will:

  • Challenge you to grow – push you and your team to build something great.
  • Address commercial goals – by identifying the opportunities and the sacrifices.
  • Inspire and motivate your team – by becoming aligned on purpose and direction.
  • Show up in your results – being brave, making changes, investing in the right areas.
  • Balance your creativity and your commerciality – think ‘excel meets crayons’…
  • Be fun – if you can’t enjoy the challenge, what’s the point?