About me – Gemma Ede

The best way I can describe my approach to business is ‘a love child of art and science’. I draw from over 15 years developing brands and marketing strategies across a variety of industries – travel, sales, financial services and more, from execution to management roles. Success for me is a creative idea that delivers the hard numbers.

In complement to my business approach, my ‘side-hustle’ lies in the creation of bold graffiti-style artwork under the sister brand Strut & Swagger Art Statements  www.strutandswagger.com

My approach to consulting is to bring the creative and commercial together to form a strategy that will help take your brand forward and give you clearer focus, defined purpose and increased business confidence.

From initial diagnosis to workshops and strategy creation, my belief is that you already have the answers within your business – it’s just about asking the right questions to draw out ‘the gold’.

This work then creates an invaluable foundation for business decision making and marketing investment.

I am a strong advocate for the Jim Collins research on what makes companies great and a lover of Seth Godin’s views on story-telling and contributing to ‘building better stuff’ – not just putting lipstick on a pig’…

Gemma Ede (McDivitt) The personal topline: I call Tauranga home. I love a beach, a hike and a good debate over a decent glass of Riesling.

Working with me should:

  • Challenge you to grow – push you and your team to build something great.
  • Address commercial goals – by identifying the opportunities and the sacrifices.
  • Inspire and motivate your team – by becoming aligned on purpose and direction.
  • Show up in your results – being brave, making changes, investing in the right areas.
  • Balance your creativity and your commerciality – think ‘excel meets crayons’…
  • Be fun – if you can’t enjoy the challenge, what’s the point?