What I offer

I draw equally from the left and the right brain to develop brand and marketing strategies that are both commercial and creative.
Strategies that will:

  1. make you money and;
  2. culminate your uniqueness, your reason for existing and your ambition, giving you the best chance of building something great.

Whether you’re an established company or a startup, we’ll begin with a consultation and then attack the areas that need attention. This could be any mix on the following key areas:

Status-Quo Assessment

A thorough review of your existing brand, position, assets and marketing strategy.

Blueprint Refinement/Creation

Develop your strategy ‘bible’ to take your brand forward. Covering:

  • your desired Brand Position
  • your Purpose and Ambition
  • your Uniqueness and Competitive Advantage
  • your Target Markets (personas) and How They Buy
  • your desired Brand Personality
  • your ‘blockbuster’ movie Story – (every brand can have one)

Take It To Market

Marketing strategies that tell your story and deliver to commercial growth goals. Can include:

  • activities for owning your brand position, key message development and brand promotion channels.
  • lead generation and growth – understanding your growth goals and where to best invest $ to achieve these goals – offline and online.


There’s no point having a great plan without putting it to work. I’ve curated a ‘virtual team’ of specialist freelancers – each experts in their fields, to execute the ideas we want to test.
Execution partners are selected for their high quality of work, their value pricing and their approach to life and business. All S&S partners are people who are honest, creative, smart and enjoyable to work with. As a client you get consistency across the whole experience.
As your strategist, I provide an overseer role with ongoing advice on an affordable retainer, to ensure all work aligns with your goals and brand architecture and we can adapt and flex the ideas as new challenges arise.

Build your personal brand

I also work with clients applying all of the same thinking above to personal brands. If you’re looking to define your purpose / style / approach and unique difference in market as a consultant, advisor or sole trader – this is an exciting exercise.

Get a little better each month

Where clients find the greatest value in working with me, is in getting a little better each month. Benefitting from the cadence of monthly advice and direction, where ideas are generated, problems are solved and challenges addressed as and when they arise. Being a partner to your business, also allows for the flex to adjust, pivot and change course based on results . This ‘subscription’ type model gives you a regular strategy session on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.